Day 41 – Reflection – A Fight for Faith

41 FFF
How Has Your Fight for Faith Changed?

I don’t think my “fight for faith” has changed but this study has caused me to examine it more closely. To look at these eight women reminds me nothing is really new under the sun when it comes to life’s challenges and choices. In their failings I see my own failings, their temptations are my temptations,  their needs are my needs.

Eventually, each of these deficiencies will push me toward God.

The journey toward Him is actually the fight for faith – or maybe it is the fight OF faith.

Faith believes: God loves me. God has a plan. God is able. God will come through. God wants to use me. God cares. God has not deserted me. God has chosen me, in this moment, for this choice – if only to prove to me all these statements are true.

It seems, in my own life, He will not let me forsake the struggle. Behold, He is making something new in me from every need and stumbling. He is developing me to be a strong citizen who will live in and live out His Kingdom right now. He is proving to me at every turn – He is indeed my Immanuel – God with me – every step of the way.


Your thoughts?

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