Day 2 Advent – HOPE – Psalms 25:1-10

2 hope

Remember your mercy, O Lord, and your steadfast love, for they have been from of old.

This is a prayer of hope.

Lord, remember you are merciful because our world and our lives are so lacking in mercy. We have lost our way and forsaken mercy. We have replaced mercy with self-protection. I struggle every day to be brave enough to be merciful. I fight the fear that I won’t have enough, that I am being careless with my resources, that I can only give so much and then I must stop. Even when I see you as my provider of all things and myself merely a channel of your riches, I know how my trust in you ebbs and flows. Forgive us – forgive me, when we fail in mercy. We are weak and fragile vessels.

So, remember your mercy, O Lord. Remember that you are merciful … merciful to me and merciful to all. Lord Have Mercy on Us Every One.

Lord, remember your steadfast love – your never changing, never ending, always there love. We are such failures at love toward each other on this planet or at loving you. When we do experience it we are frightened and feel the need to do something “equal” so we can pay it back. We live on the cusp of needing to earn everything we get and striving to keep it. But you, O Lord have steadfast love. It is a wonder and a mystery to mere mortals. We are beyond desperately needy and hopeless without you but our bent is to earn our way. Forgive me and forgive us when we are so arrogant.

Remember your steadfast love toward us for without you our true condition is we are hanging by the thinnest thread.

Remember O Lord your mercy and love toward all you have created for your very own glory and come soon to make all things right with us and our world. All we can offer is our waiting.


Your thoughts?

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