Day 3 Advent – HOPE – Revelation 7:9-17

3 hope

…he who sits on the throne will shelter them with his presence.
…They shall hunger no more, neither thirst anymore
…and God will wipe away every tear from their eyes.

Shelter is found when God is present. And with shelter comes provision and safety. This is the promise to everyone who believes. This is “entering the Promised Land.”

This morning as I watched the latest video, Deuteronomy, (produced by The Bible Project), I was struck by the narrator’s comments on why the book ends right at the climax: Will they obey God and live well in the land or not? Their answer – the Torah is written to those who are either outside the land or people still waiting for God’s promise to bless the whole world. So now each generation who reads the Torah finds themselves called to HOPE in what Moses hoped for – a new transformed heart that one day could truly Listen and Love.

So this morning as I bask in the promises of God’s shelter, I wonder about all those who are hungry and thirsty in my world. I wonder about the ones who not only don’t have a spiritual shelter but those with no physical shelter or safety. The ones who can only HOPE for a rescue. HOPE for the mercy and love of others to sustain them.

LORD, it is a simple thing to ask you to meet the multitude of physical needs all around us. But, I know you do that through people. Here I am, send me on your mission of HOPE today. Give me eyes to see the one or many before me and wisdom to know how to serve you. In the end, may we all find our HOPE in You. Amen.


Your thoughts?

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