Day 6 Advent – Peace – Micah 5:1-6

6 peace

Now muster your troops, O daughter of troops; siege is laid against us; …And he shall be their peace.

It’s December and not surprisingly I feel a bit like a “siege is laid against me”. I think it is ridiculous we celebrate Thanksgiving right before the Christmas season. And December in general needs to be at least 60 days!

Adding to my “behind-ness” I spent a week – a whole week – traveling at Thanksgiving for which I spent another week catching up. Now it is Dec 7, I have exactly one Christmas present and zero decorations, two close family members are ill, one requiring daily hospital visits and a third is recovering from surgery at home and unable to really drive, there are 1000 or so end of year things hanging regarding the church finances and now I’m the temporary bookkeeper. There’s more but you get my drift.

Micah is written in hard times to reassure the nation of Israel. It’s meant to be encouraging though the news seems to get worse before it gets better. They are going to be “given up” for a time, waiting for a unique shepherd to be born. But one day He will arrive – bringing peace. In fact He will be Peace itself.

The waiting must have been terrifying but He came for them.

Today, I live in a kind of hinder land – Jesus, my Prince of Peace, is “here but not yet here”. He is peace but he has not yet brought physical peace to my planet. Nevertheless, while I am waiting for the latter, I have His Presence – the Holy Spirit – within me. So in this day I will turn my attention toward this Presence and away from my to-do list, deadlines and seasonal chaos. I’ll still work towards these ends but not in panic or frenzy – those are part of what will be taken in the “giving up”. They can go with the rubbish and good riddance!


Your thoughts?

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