Day 7 Advent – Peace – Psalm 85

7 peace…make straight the paths that lead to you, and smooth the rough ways

This line from the prayer is genuinely my prayer this morning. Someone dear to me has come to a decision point along a troubled road. In an emotional and painful state they want to grab on to God thinking a magic prayer will take away the pain and push Re-Start on their life. I took a risky step when they point blank asked me to give them a tract to read and I asked them to look at some other things first. (So much for all those years of Evangelism training, right?)

I know God loves this person. I know He will welcome them with open arms. But God is not an easy fix from an emotional rollercoaster. It has not gone without my notice that this is one of “my people” that I prayed for last week. I prayed specifically they would meet Jesus. And as I was driving home last night I asked the Lord, if by any chance, this encounter was an answer to that prayer.

If their path leads to Him I want to walk cautiously by their side not in front.

“Lord, there will be many rough spots along the way. For the sake of the one we both love, smooth those out and make their path straight and clear. Let them begin to see you ahead, walking toward them on their way and prepare them for that encounter. Give them courage to make their hard choices and to want you as a partner in the new life they are seeking. Thank you, Jesus. Amen.”


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