Day 10 Advent – Peace – Book of Common Prayer

10 peaceWild and lone the prophet’s voice
Echoes through the desert still,
Calling us to make a choice,

The prophets still ring out in our times – calling us to make a choice. Salvation is one such choice. But there are other choices before those of us who already believe. Will we act justly? Will we love mercy? Will we walk in humility? Will we denounce racism and prejudice? Will we give to the poor and less fortunate among us – even if it costs us something? Will we welcome the refugee? Will we stand up for gender equality in the workplace, the polling place and the church?

I feel certain the prophets of our day seem a tad radical – a bit out of step – certainly they rub against our comfortable norms.

But I want to notice those people – the ones in the wilderness of my social circles. In fact I need to get closer, read more, and listen better because I think Jesus might be stirring up all that noise.


Your thoughts?

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