Day 3 – Jesus: I AM -John 8:31-35

03 I AMSo Jesus said to the Jews who had believed him, “If you abide in my word, you are truly my disciples, and you will know the truth

When I first met her, the young woman who led me to Jesus was a Bible college dropout. She had been forced to get a full time job when she aged out of the Social Security survivor benefit she received from her father’s untimely death. She probably didn’t realize God was reassigning her to his outreach team.

Susan endured a boat load of humiliation stemming from my ignorance and insensitivity concerning her Christian faith. She never wavered. She talked about God like He was alive and lived next door. Her simpleminded innocence, as it turned out, was deeply rooted in the bedrock of truth.

Bible college students read and study the Bible. When in a short two months Susan’s God became mine too, she gave me a priceless gift. Day after day for that first year she gave me Scripture passages to read. During lunch, after work or over the phone she would answer my questions. It was unmistakably clear she believed to really know and love Jesus, to be able to follow after Him, you had to read His words.

That was almost 41 years ago. I’m still a lover of the words of The Word. They are comfort, hope, assurance, peace, love and promise. They remind me I am chosen and loved and that as His friend He offers me truth – just for the reading.


Your thoughts?

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