Day 5 – If this is true, then…

If this is true, then God is pretty amazing! He is the only true God because He created everything both visible and invisible. He exists in a form (trinity) that is foreign to humankind’s understanding. But He calls us to be like Him. The only way I can see to do that is to live in community. With all its peril and fragility and potential for pain we are asked to make our goal to live as one body. Surely He knows the brokenness of our members but just maybe it is this community that heals us. He can be trusted because He is a good Father – with patience and care and love, collecting each child back to the safety and wholeness of His family and Himself.

The Spirit bears witness to our spirits and reminds us over and over…this is true.


Day 4 – I Believe in the Father

The Spirit that we have makes us God’s chosen children. And with that Spirit we cry out, “Abba, Father.” Romans 8:1 ERV

When we receive Christ our destiny is sealed by the gift of the Holy Spirit who comes to dwell/abide in us. The Spirit is the down payment on God’s promise of all our relationship with Him has to offer. God himself – the Holy Spirit has not only chosen us but He gives us Himself as proof of His commitment to us.

At times I might doubt my son ship. Is this too good to be true? But the Spirit reminds me. I know it is Him because the thought would never come into my mind otherwise. Moreover, I would never have the audacity to consider myself God’s child apart from the voice of the Spirit that rises up, calling God “Father”.   It is all a mystery but true to my experience because God himself has chosen me and chosen to personally assure me I am His.

Day 3 – I Believe in the Trinity

It has been my experience that one person of the Godhead has been more, what? meaningful maybe?, to me at different times in my life. I have not ever struggled with the concept of the Trinity but I definitely think I am currently being challenged in a different way to understand the Holy Spirit as a person. For me it is easy to visualize God as a Father or Jesus as a man to follow but the Holy Spirit has “no form” and frankly I have often considered Him more of a force or source of power. Unfortunately, while this is true, it limits the Holy Spirit to a lesser role in the Godhead and negates His personhood.

I am grateful for a tiny book I’ve been reading by B.B. Warfield (1851-1921) called simply The Holy Spirit. Each of the 9 chapters was a sermon concerning different aspects of the Holy Spirit. It is the 3rd chapter – The Love of the Holy Spirit – that has radically changed my thinking and my faith.

Sadly I can’t quote the entire chapter to explain the notion that has taken hold but it is one of the deep and unwavering assurance of the Holy Spirit whereby He would come to dwell – come and make His home within me. The relationship is a covenant one – unbreakable. I would say like marriage but it would not be the modern practice. This is the marriage WITHOUT an escape clause.

It is a powerful and awesome thing to consider the Holy Spirit’s indwelling and forever commitment to me purely on the basis of His love. A love that keeps wooing me to Himself, a love that never gives up or becomes frustrated, a love that endures until I am completely whole.


The Holy Spirit by Benjamin B. Warfield can be found in Kindle version on Amazon

Day 2 – I Believe in One God


Yet for us there is one God… 1 Cor. 8:6     … the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. Matt 28:19

“Our needs do not establish who God is – God has established who God is.” Shelly Giglio

Acknowledging the Trinity, though a mystery, is what God has revealed to us about His own nature. It is a mystery worth pondering because as we consider being transformed into the image of Jesus we are then being transformed into the image of God. Makes it striking in a new way to think we were created, in the beginning, in the image of a Triune God.

There is much throughout the Bible that calls the members of His body to become one – in function, in equality, in mutual submission. This particular goal is a clear one. To ponder how the Godhead relates within Himself must be the key to understanding my own/our own way of living.