Day 3 – I Believe in the Trinity

It has been my experience that one person of the Godhead has been more, what? meaningful maybe?, to me at different times in my life. I have not ever struggled with the concept of the Trinity but I definitely think I am currently being challenged in a different way to understand the Holy Spirit as a person. For me it is easy to visualize God as a Father or Jesus as a man to follow but the Holy Spirit has “no form” and frankly I have often considered Him more of a force or source of power. Unfortunately, while this is true, it limits the Holy Spirit to a lesser role in the Godhead and negates His personhood.

I am grateful for a tiny book I’ve been reading by B.B. Warfield (1851-1921) called simply The Holy Spirit. Each of the 9 chapters was a sermon concerning different aspects of the Holy Spirit. It is the 3rd chapter – The Love of the Holy Spirit – that has radically changed my thinking and my faith.

Sadly I can’t quote the entire chapter to explain the notion that has taken hold but it is one of the deep and unwavering assurance of the Holy Spirit whereby He would come to dwell – come and make His home within me. The relationship is a covenant one – unbreakable. I would say like marriage but it would not be the modern practice. This is the marriage WITHOUT an escape clause.

It is a powerful and awesome thing to consider the Holy Spirit’s indwelling and forever commitment to me purely on the basis of His love. A love that keeps wooing me to Himself, a love that never gives up or becomes frustrated, a love that endures until I am completely whole.


The Holy Spirit by Benjamin B. Warfield can be found in Kindle version on Amazon


Your thoughts?

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