The Project – and you can join me

UPDATE January 14, 2016

Wow! I’m really behind on this page.  Let’s see, after Nehemiah, which was terrific, there was A Fight for Faith series looking a women in the Bible, then Advent and now Jesus: I AM. Following IF:Equip and journaling my thoughts on the Scripture is changing my life. Like Nicodemus in today’s reading…I’ve got questions and Jesus has all the answers.

UPDATE August 13, 2015
Beatitudes completed. What a powerful study…I’m still processing. So excited to be beginning Nehemiah on Monday. Love that book already so this should be awesome to find God’s leading for restoration both in my thinking and calling. This a good time to join…think about it!

UPDATE June 10, 2015
Completed 1 & 2 Peter, then the Sermon on the Mount.  June 15, we’ll begin a study of the Beatitudes. So grateful for IF:Equip and all of you who are my partners in this endeavor.  There’s always room for anyone who wants to jump in!

UPDATE April 11, 2015
Short study on the events of Easter – very fitting for our personal preparation. God is at work through these IF:Equip studies.  Join me Monday, April 13 to begin 1 & 2 Peter.  You don’t want to miss it.

UPDATE March 16, 2015
Just finished Hebrews on Friday and today 3 weeks on the topic of Easter begins.  You might think I was getting tired of this but hardly!  I am more excited than ever.  God is at work in me because of joining this group of women. I include the ones who participate online at IF:Equip, those who do IF:Gathering both in Austin and locally and especially my own friends and family. This is what I know.  We are hungry for God.  And this is a spiritual feast.  Pull up  a chair.

UPDATE Feb 24, 2015
Joshua – simply amazing and then the IF:Gathering/Orlando just brought it all together.  Now on to Hebrews. I am so grateful to be in this community of women – both the visionaries and the community of pursuers!  I have taken to posting in the big blog more often or like today, just commenting on someone else’s insights. Lives – mine included – are changing, becoming bold, and sensitive and tender to the calling of God. I’ve heard it said, “Look around and see where God is at work and join that.”  Well, this is one exciting place – join us!

UPDATE Jan 19, 2015
Genesis finished, a week’s break in which I missed this so much I felt like I had left my watch at home. You know what that’s like. A now the first day of studying Joshua. I’m excited. And then there is the IF:GATHERING coming Feb 6-7. I don’t know really what to expect. I’m sure it will be a great event but maybe more. Whatever, I believe I’m supposed to show up and pay attention. Hope you might consider joining me…both at the IF:ORLANDO and for this next study in Joshua. ( and

UPDATE Dec 8, 2014  I am 61 days in to Genesis.  We are at Chapter 37!  Unbelievable and what a blessing to share my days with women I only know by reading their entries on the IF EQUIP blog.  It makes me realize that even though I write every day, they only know I’m with them if I post there.  Though sometimes I do, it is rare.  So today I think I’ll add my comments just so they know there is one more person who is hearing them and being encouraged.  You should join me!

UPDATE Sept 9, 2014.  The 3 weeks in Galatians was a blur but a fun blur. I’m a bit surprised that I said in my comments here —about 2 paragraphs down actually, that Galatians was about GRACE.  It’s surprising because it was about Freedom, and walking in the Spirit, and not falling back into the traps of living for God in one’s own strength too but when I got to the summary — well I thought it was all about GRACE!  And I didn’t even remember I had said that here before it even started. Ha!

So, consider jumping on for the next three months as IF:EQUIP does Genesis.  Nothing like starting at the beginning of time…

UPDATE Aug, 2014: Acts is over.  I had to drop out near the end while I was traveling this summer.  I think I’ll go back and finish it up at some point because I was learning the history up close.

Now IF EQUIP has started again.  This time the book of Galatians.  I’m taking a less demanding approach to my blog this time around.  A few over all notes in my journal and then just posting the three questions. I watch the videos and browse the comments before ending my study.  Come on and join us…it’s all about GRACE.

UPDATE: I finished 55 days of journaling the Book of John! I know! Sometimes I amaze myself. 🙂

After a week’s break IF:EQUIP decided to continue. This time journaling through the Book of Acts. On the one hand I could hardly wait and on the other I didn’t know if I could keep it up. But, I was so blessed the first time I just didn’t see how I could stop. So here I am taking on Acts. (Which by the way is longer than John.)

I have to say I have made the task a bit harder for myself by deciding to post my journal.  The extra effort is worth it though if it encourages YOU to join in.  Start anytime – even smack in the middle – you won’t regret it.  Come on in – in Acts they’re serving up New Wine!
The Book of John

So, I’m taking on the challenge and trying to post my thoughts on each of the IF: EQUIP entries. That’s Monday through Friday. Cool thing is the reading is the Gospel of John. Second cool thing is that is what we are reading together at OCC this year.  Can’t be a coincident, can it?

IF:EQUIP has a place for you to post your comments but I don’t want to lose mine in the millions of others nor do I want to lose sight of the insights God might give me. So, I’m posting here on my own blog…made for this very purpose. 🙂 If you want to join me I would love for you to post your own thoughts in the comments. Iron sharpens iron, and all that!

The links for both IF:EQUIP and OCC’s John’s Reader are listed in the right-hand column.

Disclaimer: There was a time I would have never done this for fear I would miss a day and mess the whole thing up. I’m over it. I hope to at least read and post something Monday through Friday. That’s my goal but who knows if that will really happen. So, I’m going to give myself GRACE. Truth is I’m already behind cause I just found out about it. If I miss a day or two I may catch up on the weekend or NOT!. I’m along for the JOY in the JOURNEY.

So join me if you like. Stop by everyday or any day or whenever you can.

Just click “A Dollar 3 Eighty” for my thoughts…everything cost more these days!



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